Les Heures de Parfum


Feel the mane of a thoroughbred as if you were riding it in the Heure Fougueuse or imagine going down to pick rosemary at the bottom of the garden in the Heure Vertueuse, the Heures de Parfum collection spreads through our senses like markers of emotions experienced.

Thirteen hours for thirteen intimate scents, whose glass bottles are designed in all simplicity and engraved with Roman numerals.


For the Cartier perfumer, Mathilde Laurent, fragrance is a language that speaks to the soul of the wearer. Fragrance after fragrance , she has been revealing her idea of contemporary perfumery since 2009 through her Les Heures de Parfum collection, an olfactory manifesto in the form of a carte blanche.

Mathilde Laurent puts natural ingredients and those originating from research on equal footing to reproduce the emotions of nature as truthfully as possible.  

She perceives perfume as an art. Her creations set themselves free from trends and fashions to create the olfactory equivalent of the unique elegance of Cartier’s style.