Les Heures Voyageuses


The Les Heures Voyageuses perfume collection has been enriched by a new fragrance: Oud & Pink. A men's rose for women who wear men's fragrance, who flirt with ambivalence, plunge into the Oud, rugged, gloomy and wear a dinner jacket with nothing underneath.


In creating Les Heures Voyageuses, Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent explored the entire olfactory repertoire of legendary oriental ingredients, from rose to sandalwood, from jasmine to amber, from mint to musk.

Her modern original approach incorporates materials with raw beauty.  


A collection whose bottles distinguish themselves by their discreet elegance.

They are simple to put the fragrance in the spotlight and gold tinted to make the colour of the essence glisten. 

All of the reflections of a Fine Perfumery which seeks olfactory authenticity.

Gold tinted bottles adorned with one of Cartier’s historical motifs inspired by the Infinie brooch which lead to the creation of Cartier’s Moucharaby motif.