With criss-crossing waves of vibrant colours, the Coloratura High Jewellery collection reinvents the world's diversity, and Cartier affirms its vision of style.

Unique stones imbued with singular beauty, intersecting inspirations in a mastery of colour pairings and craftsmanship sustained by modernity - the 240 pieces are mesmerising. The dialogue between the stones and the colours arouse and awaken the senses, stimulating new sensations whilst provoking emotion with vibrant, shared energy.


The sky meets the Earth, and the colours combine. Bold contrasts of Asia and the East, the subtle palette of Japan, the potent shades of India, and the animal tones of Africa: Cartier's colours have evolved throughout the course of these encounters, rendered more and more stunning by the multiplicity of its creative expressions.


With Coloratura, Cartier unleashes the infinite richness of its style in multiple manifestations. 

In a bold and constant exchange with the world, open to the most  advanced techniques, and curious about all that creates beauty, Cartier and its master jewellers have redefined, with unstoppable movement, its essentials.

The core principles remain - a desire for excellence and for radiance.