Request a repair now

Request a repair

For the repair or maintenance of your Cartier creation, we are pleased to offer you the option to maintain your creation online or in the Cartier boutique of your choice.

Cartier's master watchmakers and jewellers will take care of your piece thanks to their universally recognised expertise and know-how.


Book a service - Online booking

We are committed to providing you with the best of our know-how, service and expertise. Appreciating that your time is precious, Cartier now offers you the possibility to send your creation to us for maintenance or repair, without having to visit a boutique. All that is required is to complete a request form, by clicking on the link below. We will then send you packaging that will allow you to send us your creation. Upon receipt, you will be kept informed of each major step of this service to ensure optimal tracking. Once the service is completed, your creation will be returned to your address.
View the terms of service by clicking here.


Book a service - Boutique booking

Our Cartier ambassadors are available to arrange a personalised appointment at the boutique of your choice to hand in your creation for repair or maintenance.