Les Épures de Parfum


The Les Épures de Parfum collection captures the pure and simple truth of a unique sensation. Muguet, Kinkan, Magnolia and Rose, 4 fragrances, 4 olfactory X-rays whose spontaneous radiance and freshness are delivered, unadorned, by Mathilde Laurent.


Think of perfume as living high jewellery, and this is how the Cartier perfumer, Mathilde Laurent, has created the first trio of Les Épures de Parfum, as three pieces of irresistible jewellery.

Mathilde Laurent puts natural ingredients and those originating from research on equal footing to reproduce the emotions of nature as truthfully as possible. 

She perceives perfume as an art. Her creations set themselves free from trends and fashions creating the olfactory equivalent of the unique Cartier style and elegance.